Emergency treatment for chemical spills Absorbents

loose absorbents

SYSBEL Absorbent(pad, sock and pillow)with melt blown polypropylene (MBPP) features high absorption rate, rapid absorption, good cleaning effect, which don’t react with polar, toxic, hazardous chemicals, and is safe to use, causing no harm to personal health. Waste disposal is low in cost, and clean-up of spilled liquid is simple.It is a good helper for your workplace cleaning!

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Customer name

Large domestic civil aviation enterprises

Sub industry:transportation industry


Aircraft refueling operation, because human factors, will lead to the ground, tubing and other places have oil leakage, unsafe, sysbel cotton can timely adsorption oily be soiled, risk-averse.




Sysbel is the leader of the domestic security industry, and after the 13th five-year plan, the companies have also advocated strong support for domestic brands

2, sysbel's quality

3, the industry standard


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